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Getting to know Chantilly Tour from Paris by Private Car

If you are going to visit France, one of your first activities should be to take the private car tour from Paris to Chantilly. This cultural gem is one of the most characteristic places that you can find in the city of light and love. Once you are settled in your hotel, the driver will pick you up to take you to the castle, which is located an hour away from the city.

When you arrive at the palace, the guide will show you in detail all the gardens, stables and sculptures that surround the place. The duration of the tour from Paris to Chantilly can be extended up to 4 or 5 hours, although it depends on your personal preferences.

Private tour from Paris to Chantilly by luxury car

During the tour you will have the opportunity to learn about the extensive history of the pristine castle, as well as its mysteries and secrets. Likewise, you won’t have to wait in long lines to enter the property. Your guide will be at your entire disposal at all times.

A brief history of Chantilly

This brand new construction is divided into two parts. You will be able to see the discreet castle built during the 16th century, while also being captivated by the presence of the magnificent main castle built in the 19th century. Since then, the castle has been turned into an art museum, housing the second largest collection of ancient paintings, second only to the Louvre.

The famous Chantilly cream (crème Chantilly) that we use so much in confectionery, owes its name precisely to this construction. The anecdote relates that Vatel, one of the most famous chefs in French history, created this delicate whipped mixture exclusively for a dinner held during one of the ceremonies in this luxurious palace.

Points of Interest

Durante el tour en coche privado desde París a Chantilly el guía le mostrará distintos lugares y puntos de interés que llamarán fuertemente su atención. El castillo está rodeado por jardines, estanques y lujosas obras de arte que no pasarán desapercibidas ante su mirada.

During the private car tour from Paris to Chantilly the guide will show you different places and points of interest that will captivate your attention. The castle is surrounded by gardens, ponds and luxurious works of art that should not go unnoticed.

Chateau of Chantilly

On your 1-day tour from Paris to Chantilly, you will get to know all the buildings that surround the great palace. Not only will you get to see the smaller castle, which for a long time was considered the main palace, we assure you that most of the attention of the tour will be focused on the great main castle, which will captivate you with its beauty.

The Chantilly Gardens

The Chantilly Gardens are much more than just natural structures. They are huge parks made up of lakes and ponds. In addition, you will find very diverse wildlife in them. If you are going to take the tour from Paris to Chantilly, don’t forget to visit the majestic gardens of this palace.

The Art Galleries

In addition, this impressive structure also has extensive art galleries, which house the second largest collection of ancient paintings after the Louvre. During your 1-day tour from Paris to Chantilly you will have enough time to marvel at the beautiful sculptures and paintings that you will find inside the palace.

The Museum of the Horse

During your visit to Chantilly you can also see the horse shows held in the palace stables. If you like this type of exhibition, we assure you that you will enjoy your visit to this legendary castle.

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