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Visiting Epernay by Private Car from Paris

If you are going to visit the city of love, don’t forget to include in your itinerary the grand tour to the champagne region from Paris. This spot is located no more than 90 km from the city. During your trip to France, you should without a doubt give yourself time to visit the most famous champagne vineyards in the world.

When you are at your hotel, you can request your own private car tour to Epernay from Paris at any time, where a personalized guide will take care of showing you all the distinguishing places of the famous city of vineyards and its surroundings.

Private tour from Paris to Epernay by luxury car

During your visit to Epernay you will be able to see a few vineyards that are popular worldwide. The driver in charge of the tour will be at your disposal at all times. In addition, we also recommend you have lunch in one of the historic restaurants in the area, and visit the small towns that you will find along the way.

A Brief History of Epernay, the Land of French Champagne

The so-called “land of champagne”, is a city located 90 km from Paris between forests and rivers. Epernay has been looted and burned more than 20 times throughout its history. Even so, like the Phoenix, this city has always known how to rise from its ashes captivating and enamoring all tourists who visit. During your visit to France you should not forget to take the best champagne tour.

What to Visit in Epernay

During your visit to Epernay, you may come across several interesting places that will attract your attention. This is an area with great natural attractions, although you can also be captivated by beautiful old buildings, such as the impressive Notre Dame Cathedral.

The Champagne Route

During the private car tour to Epernay from Paris, your guide will take you along the renowned “champagne route”, a path full of vineyards where you can appreciate beautiful panoramic views of the entire city. In addition, during this trip you will meet some producers of the best grapes in the world, who will want to share with you their experience in the vineyards.

Avenue de Champagne

Additionally, during your visit to Epernay you will also be able to visit the brand new “avenue de champagne”, where you will have the opportunity to visit the most famous champagne houses in the world, such as Moet, Chandon, Pol Roger, Boizel and many more. You will have the opportunity to try the true French champagne.


Finally, on your private car tour to Epernay from Paris you cannot forget to visit Reims, a commune steeped in history and culture, where you can visit emblematic buildings, such as, the Romanesque-Gothic basilica of St Rémi, the Palace of the Tau, the Byzantine Basilica of Sainte-Clotilde and the Art Deco Carnegie Library. If you like Gothic art, you will really enjoy visiting these sites.

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